XTS starter kits

The XTS starter kit facilitates fast and effective entry to the new technology. Mechanical tests and the programming of your own motion profiles are simple to accomplish. Programming experience in IEC 61131-3 and knowledge of TwinCAT NC are required for this. The XTS starter kit contains all components required for the operation of an XTS system. Depending on the required path length, a choice of three starter kits is available. The construction is fully functional and completely pre-assembled.


Basic components


Required user skills

Ordering information  
AT2000-0500 starter kit small, 500 mm straight length, 5 movers (AT9011-0050-0550)
AT2000-1000 starter kit medium, 1000 mm straight length, 10 movers (AT9011-0050-0550)
AT2000-1500 starter kit large, 1500 mm straight length, 10 movers (AT9011-0050-0550)