AMP8620-2005-0000 Supply module for AMP8000

AMP8620-2005-0000 | Supply module for AMP8000

The AMP8620 module is directly connected to the mains supply, which minimises the footprint and the cabling effort for the entire machine. It contains all required circuitry components, such as mains filters, rectifiers and charging circuits for the integrated DC-Link capacitors. Further distribution modules or decentralised AMP8000 Servo Drives can optionally be connected to the supply module. It has two EtherCAT P outputs, through which either EtherCAT P modules can be supplied or else additional supply modules can be connected that may be required for system expansion. The safe 24 V power supply unit integrated in the power supply module ensures that the logic power supply does not exceed the permissible level. The DC-Link capacitors integrated in the supply module store the regenerative energy of the entire system and then make it available again for acceleration processes. This ensures the best-possible utilisation of the energy supplied.

Technical data AMP8620-2005-0000
Function supply module
Number of inputs 1 x power IN 400…480 V AC, 1 x EtherCAT/EtherCAT P
Number of outputs 5 x power OUT 565…680 V DC/∑ max. 20 A DC, 2 x EtherCAT P OUT ∑ max. 6 A DC
DC-Link capacitance 940 µF
Protection class IP 65
ZK7A22-3031-0xxx OCA cable for Distributed Servo Drive System AMP8000
Product announcement
estimated market release 4th quarter 2019