AMP8805-1000-0000 Distribution module for AMP8000

AMP8805-1000-0000 | Distribution module for AMP8000

Via the AMP8805 distribution module, the AMP8000 system can be cascaded using just one short cable in such a way that even complex machines and lines can be implemented in simple topologies. Up to five outputs are available to connect further distributed Servo Drives or distribution modules. Because of their high protection rating, the AMP8805 distribution modules can be directly integrated into the machine layout. This reduces the overall cable lengths and wiring effort considerably, because only a single cable needs to be routed from the control cabinet to the machine. To store energy efficiently, the coupling modules are equipped with capacitors. Additional EtherCAT P Box modules can be installed easily and quickly via the integrated EtherCAT P output in order to integrate further I/Os or data acquisition applications.

Technical data AMP8805-1000-0000
Function distribution module
Number of channels 1 x power IN 565…680 V DC, 5 x power OUT 565…680 V DC/∑ max. 20 A DC, 1 x EtherCAT P OUT
Rated input current 24 V 16 A DC
DC-Link voltage 565…680 V DC
DC-Link capacitance 940 µF
Protection class IP 65
ZK7A22-3031-0xxx OCA cable for Distributed Servo Drive System AMP8000
Product announcement
estimated market release 4th quarter 2019