AX5000 | System properties

AX5000 | System properties

High-speed control algorithms

The AX5000 Servo Drives are designed for fast and highly dynamic positioning tasks:


High-speed EtherCAT system communication

The AX5000 was developed specifically for use with EtherCAT, the real-time Ethernet system. The outstanding features of EtherCAT are particularly beneficial for Drive Technology:


2-channel Servo Drive with variable motor output current

One highlight of the AX5000 series is the dual power section that enables operation of two motors with the same or different current within a single Servo Drive. An asynchronous motor with a rated current of 3 A and a linear motor with a rated current of 9 A can be operated with a 2 x 6 A Servo Drive, for example. The total current is relevant for the device utilisation.


Optimised for multi-axis applications

The AX5000-Bridge system enables simple and fast connection to several AX5000 devices with a multi-axis system through pluggable feed and connection modules:


Active DC-Link and brake energy management

With the AX-Bridge, the DC-Links are automatically connected through: This ensures economic energy balancing between axes.


Braking resistor

The integrated braking resistor is sufficient for most applications. In multi-axis systems the overall braking capacity of all braking resistors is available. The brake module enables external braking resistors with a continuous output up to 6 kW to be connected, making extreme applications possible.


AX5000 | One for all

Variable motor interface

The AX5000 offers flexible and universal connection options. Almost all feedback systems and motor types are supported. The AX5000 supports the feature “electronic name plate”, which simplifies commissioning and operation. The AX5000 is very flexible with regard to supported motor types; different motor sizes and types can be connected without additional measures, e.g.:


Multi-feedback interface

AX5000 supports the right feedback system for any application:


Flexible motor current measurement

The AX5000 enables a scalable, wide range motor current measurement with high-resolution measuring range specification. A 6 A amplifier can control a 1 A motor without loss of measuring resolution. For 2-channel devices the total device current is significant: 12 A = 2 x 6 A or 1 x 3 A + 1 x 9 A.


High-speed capture inputs

Each AX5000 Servo Drive features eight additional on-board, programmable digital I/Os:


Diagnostic and parameter display

The AX5000 features a backlit, two-line plain text display. This display enables fast device diagnosis and maintenance on site. In two-channel devices the axis identifier is also displayed. Navigation buttons enable simple and convenient operation of the diagnostic display.


Wide voltage range

The AX5000 can be connected to a wide range of voltage systems worldwide without additional components, including 1 x 100 V AC, for the Japanese market or 3 x 480 V AC for North America, for example. This significantly reduces the inventory management effort for the machine manufacturer and minimises the risk of damage through incorrect mains connection.

AX5000 | Integrated safety

Integrated mains filter

The device features integrated filters for power supply and 24 V DC auxiliary supply for operation directly from the mains. No additional shielding is required for the mains cable.


Compact design for simple control cabinet installation

The AX5000 Servo Drive series (up to 40 A) enables simple and fast connection of several drives to form a multi-axis system via AX-Bridge modules. The pluggable supply and connection module combines supply voltage, DC-Link, 24 V DC control and braking voltage. It enables fast installation and commissioning. The system consists of:


Optimum cooling concept

The specially developed heat sink enables fanless operation of the AX5000 through natural convection of up to 2 x 3 A rated current. Devices with higher output feature integrated, temperature-controlled ventilation.


Controlled system stop in the event of power failure

A power failure can lead to uncontrolled run-out of drive axes, which means that linear axes or lifting axes would hit the limit stop unbraked. The 24 V DC supply of the AX5000 has two channels so that separate power supplies can be used for control electronics and brake control. It enables the supply voltage for the control electronics to be buffered via the UPS of the Industrial PC until all axes have been stopped safely.


Integration of safety functions

Optional cards are available for different safety categories:

The AX5801 option card offers personal protection against inadvertent restart of the drive axis (STO/SS1):

The AX5805, AX5806 option cards provide further drive-integrated safety functions according to IEC 61800-5-2. Control is performed via EtherCAT/Safety over EtherCAT; no further wiring is required.