Servo drives AXxxxx
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 AX8620 | Power supply module 20 A
 AX8640 | Power supply module 40 A
 AX8108 | Single-axis module 8 A
 AX8118 | Single-axis module 18 A
 AX8206 | Double-axis module 2 x 6 A
 AX8525 | Power supply and axis module 25 A
 AX8540 | Power supply and axis module 40 A
 AX8810 | Option module
 AX8820 | Energy recovery module
 AX8831 | Coupling module, 1-channel
 AX8832 | Coupling module, 2-channel
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 AMP8000 Distributed Servo Drive System
 Planetary gears AGxxxx
 Motor Series AMxxxx, ALxxxx, ASxxxx
 Compact Drive Technology
 XTS | eXtended Transport System
 XPlanar | eXtended planar motor system
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